Where to start...

Source: Lisa Mende Design

Source: Lisa Mende Design

So you have decided to jump in and renovate your space......then comes the question, 'Now what?' Beginning a new project, either a redo or just a refresh, can be completely overwhelming.  Do you start with paint color, sofa, flooring, Grandma's antique dining table, etc? It helps to start with a plan. We've compiled a short list to hopefully get you started on your project as quickly and pain free as possible.

 1. The Budget:

First things first... and almost always the most dreaded...The Budget! Figure out your hard fast number in totality- this makes budgeting your project much simpler than working from a range. Often times if you make your budget a range it makes it much more difficult to stay on track and make the hard decisions. A single number will make it much harder to justify splurging one, or two, too many times.  The budget helps you decide what's more important to you and what you don't want to bend on.  If you really are dying to get a Wolf range then you may need to compromise on the Restoration Hardware bar stools. Having a firm number allows you to prioritize what's most important to you and the look you want to achieve in your space. 

When setting your budget don't forget to include extra services that can be easily forgotten about i.e deliveries, installers, and handyman jobs. We usually allocate around 15% of the total budget for these last minute add-ons.   


2.  Inspiration. We guarantee the second phase of your project is more enjoyable than the first! Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram,clip magazines like crazy and really nail down styles that appeal to you. Spend time figuring out spaces that inspire you.  Whether you decide to use a designer's help or you want you go it alone- this step is what starts the process of bringing your personality and style to your space. You may find a picture of an entire room, just a fabric swatch or a piece of furniture that you want to base your space on - whatever is.....get to hunting for what energizes you and makes you excited!

3. DIY what you can and leave the rest to the professionals. When in doubt, hire someone and skip the DIY. It can be extremely appealing to want to save money and do things yourself. Yes...the savings at times can seem significant. This is one area, however, you may not want to push your limits too far on. We have found hourly paid handymen to be one of the best tools in our toolbox. We use these professionals to do everything from hanging paintings and mirrors to painting cabinets. We recently hired a handyman to hang all mirrors and paintings in a clients house. We paid a grand total of $300 to have it done right the first time with no "first try" nail holes, everything was perfectly level with no threat of falling from using the wrong hardware.  This might be money in the budget that you may have a hard time letting go of, but...this is the 15% we advise to keep aside. Its one line item in your budget you wont regret.

4. Have Fun!! Enjoy the process. And if you feel a little lost- a designer (totally shameless plug) might be exactly what you need to get your project on the right track. We offer services ranging from e-design, to shopping days, to a full renovation project.  So whether you need simple advice on what color palette to stick with or you have zero desire to even step foot in a store , designers can be just what the doctor ordered to help bring life to your vision.  

The Story of Us

Weston and I met in August of 2001 at Belmont by "chance." It didn't take long for a fast friendship to develop into dating and then marriage in May of 2004. We just celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and will soon celebrate a decade of being parents. We have 3 rough and tumble boys that we have the privilege of parenting.  

We have both worked in the creative realm since our Belmont days. You name it we have probably done it- event planning and design, set design, wardrobe, flowers, Christmas decor, interiors, film production- the list could go on and on. Our dream has always been to be a creative hub- a business that didn't focus on just one arena in the design world but one that encompassed a one stop shop for all things created. This dream is what inspired E35 and why we offer services in occasions, holidays and interiors. We have stepped out as a joint venture to bring beauty and creativity to your home, business or special event.

Our name was built around the Bible verse Exodus 35:35 - "He has filled them with skill to do all kinds of works as engravers, designers, embroiderers in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers- all of the skilled workers and designers." This verse is a reminder that we are children of the ultimate creator. Our designs pale in comparison to the wonder and works of his hands.