10 of the Prettiest Easter Tablescapes

The Easter holiday brings about so many sentiments from faith, family, springtime, and new growth. These pretty Easter tablescapes include everything from boho chic, vibrant colors, and traditional pastels to celebrate this springtime season.


Source: Matt and Ashley Photography / mattandashleyphoto.com

Such beautiful whimsical details in this pretty tablescape. From the moss runner to the dainty floral teacups give this table an 'Alice in Wonderland' feeling.


Source: Manuel Canovas Photography: Donna Griffith

The usual Easter pastels are always great, but why not try some vibrant, colorful linens to jazz up your table this year! This orange/fuchsia combination gives a playfulness to this traditional toile.


Source: Casa de Perrin

The juxtaposition of the worn teal table against the beautiful golds and delicate florals create an elegant, dramatic tablescape.


Source: Calder Clark Photography: A Bryan Photo

The crisp white linens and springtime green are the perfect color combo for this outdoor table setting.


Source: Ginny Au Photography: Emily Ann Hughes

The pastel pink linen is the epitome of Easter color and it adds perfect softness to this outdoor tablescape.


Source: styling by Buffy Hargett Photography by Manuel Sanchez

Blue and white forever! How gorgeous is this tablescape complete with blue and white dyed Easter eggs. You can never go wrong with these classic, elegant colors.


Source: Jessica Burke via Style Me Pretty

Lovely lavender brings this tablescape to life. These purple hues are perfectly complimented with antique crystal and gold flatware. 


Source: Stockroom Vintage photography by Alissa Saylor

Go green! This tablescape layered with the most beautiful natural greens simply couldn't be any prettier. Don't underestimate Mother Nature's ability to create a stunning Easter table for your celebration.


Source: Buffy Hargett Photography by Hector Manuel Sanchez

The teal patterned napkins and runner are a breath of fresh air and add some bold color to this charming tablescape.


Source: Alise Taggart photography by Paula O'Hara

There is nothing unrefined about this rustic beauty; and it only proves you don't have to have traditional, delicate colors and textures for your Easter tablescape.  

We hope you have a beautiful Holiday and that these tablescapes inspire you to get creative this year! How are you planning to design your Easter table this year?

Jewel Box Powder Rooms

One of our favorite rooms to go all out and let your inner wild child shine is the powder room. In most modern homes, open floor plans are the norm (of which we are fans of), but it can often make you feel a little shy about bringing the boldness. We like to refer to these little powder rooms as the 'jewel box' - its that little spot that doesn't feel the need to be completely choesive with the rest of your house; it is that stand alone little room that can bear the weight of your wild imagination. Take a look at some of these beauties and let the creative juices flow. 


Source: Katie Ridder Inc. for Mindy Kaling as featured in Architectural Digest


Source: Cole & Sons Wallpaper


Source: Pulp Design Studios


Source: Ashley Goforth Design


Source: Katie Ridder Inc.


Source: Katie Ridder Inc.


Source: The 36th Avenue


Source: Collins Interiors; Photography- Nathan Schroder


Source: Kristin Panitch Interiors; photography by Victoria Pearson


Source: Andy Cohen; photography by Douglas Friedman

The 'jewel box' powderoom offers endless possibilities to take a walk on your wilder side. Do you have your own jewel box bathroom or have any plans to incorporate it into your home?

Let's talk about tile ba-by

Lets talk about you and me......I could go on and on. So for the longest time - wallpaper has been one of our most favorite 'jewelry pieces' to add to a room; all the colors and textures, whether loud and bold or soft and serene bring their own kind of magic to a space. But lately......some of these tile choices are giving wallpaper a run for its money. Check out some of these beautiful additions that can spark a unique look all its own in your home.


Source: Design by @oldseagrovehomes Tile- Eveningstar Marble from Tile Bar

This gorgeous, soothing blue and white tile is anything but boring. The tile brings the perfect amount of color to this timeless white kitchen. Maybe, just maybe in a kitchen like this I could develop a love and passion for cooking.....a girl can dream.


Source: New Ravenna

This Chinoiserie motif tile has left us speechless. The detail on this mosaic wall is spectacular and unlike anything we have ever seen. New Ravenna uses over twenty colors of glass and 24-karat gold glass to create this beauty. And the good news, this motif is fully customizable to suit any vertical space, so you aren't limited to a small room or wall. 


Source: Joie Mosaic in Calacatta and 24-karat gold glass by New Ravenna

One of us over here at E35 loves anything shiny......who are we kidding? We both love anything shiny, and all that glitters is gold. This tile combination is the perfect amount of texture, shimmer and neutral all rolled into one. This would be incredible no matter the room you choose and a timeless addition to any space.


Source: Vezoul mosiac tile by Mosaic House 

We cannot get enough of this bold, Moroccan mosaic tile. The brass fixtures are the most perfect compliment to these gorgeous colors! Green and blue for the win!


Source: Lancaster Bianco ceramic subway tile by Tile Bar; Room Design by Holly Audrey Williams

Where to start.......this bathroom has so many beautiful elements from the statement ceilings to the statement flooring to the wallpaper. The flooring tile doesn't compete with the other details in the room but rather only enhances the rest of the design. The white subway tile anchors all the other design features perfectly. Lesson here-- don't be afraid of multiple dynamic patterns, textures and colors, if you love it chances are its going to work together.


Source: Custom Maharaja with Djinn inserts by New Ravenna; Design by Genevieve Gorder for Blackman Plumbing

First of all, I would live in this bathroom......I would never leave. Everything from the color palette to the design is out of this world! This little bathroom packs some serious punch and has us dreaming of all the possibiites tile can be.


Source: Tamara Waterjet Mosaic Pattern by New Ravenna; Design by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts as featured in Architectural Digest

This classic black and white beauty is the epitome of elegance. It offers its own unique take on the traditional black and white checkerboard (which we are definite fans of.) We just love this traditonal design with an unexpected twist.


Source: Design by Kati Curtis Design; All mosaic tiles from Mosaic House

If you love tile as much as we do then this is the room of your dreams. All walls, benches, and floor are covered in a gorgeous variety of traditional patterns. Stepping into this luxurious bath would be like stepping into a piece of art. Just too beautiful for words!

We are beginning to think we need a bigger house just to accomodate our love for all these different styles. So what rooms 'speak' to you? Which do you like, love, or just think 'no way?'

You've Got This..........Literally

So you want to do some freshening up in your home but your budget is putting the brakes on? Many of us find ourselves waiting until we can do a complete overhaul. But just because you can’t go out and replace everything at once doesn’t mean you can’t beautify and love the space you are in right now. Here are some ideas to help you get creative and barely touch that wallet of yours.....


1. You probably already own plenty to work with. Sometimes just taking all of your photos and art down and starting with a blank canvas can be enough to get the juices flowing. Maybe you are just tired of that artwork because of the piece of furniture it’s next to. With some creativity and outside the box thinking you can completely reimagine your space with pieces you currently own.


Source: Design by Robert Young Photographed by Tim Beddow


2. Don’t underestimate the power of paint. For very little funds and a little bit of elbow grease you can transform your room with the power of color. If you want to try a gallery wall and want your frames to be cohesive - a little bit of spray paint on what you already own and you can get the exact look you are going for. Even adding a pop of color on an accent wall or creating a statement ceiling with paint can completely revamp your existing furniture, and then you realize you didn’t need to replace Aunt Bertha’s antique coffee table after all. 


Source: Design by J. Randall Powers Article by Elle Decor

3. Trendy accessories don’t need to break the bank. If you are wanting to bring in some trendy, modern pieces, utilize TJ Maxx, Target, At Home etc. Trendy is exactly that....a trend and not something you need to drop your hard earned cash on. Save up for your large furniture, rugs— those pieces are where you ‘get what you pay for’ and it’s not a bad idea to upgrade. 


Agate bookends from West Elm

4. Throw pillows and textiles. Updating the sofa you are ready to get rid of can be as simple as picking up some inexpensive throw pillows or blankets. Especially if your sofa is neutral- a new pattern or texture can completely revitalize it and save you some serious moolah.


Source: Horchow

5. Donate, declutter and throw it away. Sometimes just cleaning out clutter and getting rid of pieces that you don’t like or don’t feel like they represent your style anymore can make a space feel fresh and light. 

IMG_6201 (1).PNG

6. Upcycle. Maybe you have a beautiful sideboard but have nowhere to put it or it doesn't go with existing furniture- try using it in your kitchen as part of your sink and countertop or in your bathroom for storage. These pieces can really elevate your home to have a well designed, custom feel.


Source: Design Sponge

If you are anything like us, we find ourselves getting that familiar itch to rearrange or redo every couple of months and utilizing pieces you already own can make it a fun, creative process. Have y’all done any New Year sprucing up projects? 

2018 Trends......Will you or won't you?

Every year Pinterest compiles their predictions for the top interior design trends of the year; which are based around popularity and pinning trends. So without further ado......here are the Top 10 home design trends for 2018 and some of our favorite examples to help bring your 'pinspiration' to life.

1. Sage is all the rage. Beautiful shades of this neutral green are giving the grays and 'greige' colors of previous years a run for their money. 


Source: Design by Sarah Stacey. Photo by Buff Strickland


2. Resort Inspired Decor. We all want home to represent that safe haven; the place to unwind, relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of jobs, commutes, and busyness that accompanies everyday life. Everything from tropical prints, rattan furniture and spa-style bathrooms are huge trends and seem to reveal our need to slow things down and savor our own resort living right at home.


Source: Justin Coit via Better Homes & Gardens


Source: Design by Lindsey Lane. Photo by Peter Murdock Photography via: House Beautiful

3. Terrazzo. This 70's style flooring is making a comeback in a huge way. The current trend of this inexpensive material is going beyond flooring and being used from table tops to wall clocks. Gone is the traditional, sterile, hospital/office building feel and it is giving way to a much more modern, sleek and pretty style. This trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


Source: Bettina Tomasone via Apartment Therapy

4. Statement Front Doors. We couldn't be any happier about this trend. Everything from the Pantone color of the year 'Ultra Violet,' to fire engine red, to a happy yellow......if its bold its on trend. 


Source: Design by Ken Fulk. Photo Francesco Lagnese via House Beaurtiful


Source: The Roper House Chraleston, SC photographed by Dale Powell

5. Mixed Metallics. Mixed metals are still popping up all over in the design realm, creating loads of texture and visual interest. Try choosing a primary metal such as gold or bronze as your anchor and then layer from there.


Source: Jonathan Adler


Source: Design by Garrow Kedigian. Photographed by Douglas Friedman

6. Statement Ceilings.  This could possibly be our most favorite trend this year. Statement ceilings have a timeless, chic effect that not only add interest but quite literally elevate a space to the next level. 


Source: Susan Simonpietri of Chango & Co. via Architectural Digest


Source: Domino

7. Patterned Plants. Move over succulents, its patterned leaf plants that are all the craze in 2018. Bonus: not only do you get natural beautiful colors and patterns in your space but they help keep your indoor air healthy too. Win, win! 


Source: Photography via Rolling Green Nursery

8. Bone Inlay. Craftsmen for centuries have been using bone inlay to add beauty and texture to their creations. Bone offers a natural sheen and reflective quality that instantly adds character to your furniture and space.


Source: Anthropologie


Source: Produced by Orli Ben-Dor. Photography by Max Kim-Bee

9. Wood. Working with wood in your interior brings warmth and character. From ceilings to statement walls to paneling, give this trend a try to bring a new dimension to your space. 


Source: Sarah Bartholomew Design


Source: Carlos Domenech via Veranda

10. Large Scale Wall Art. Nothing makes a statement quite like an oversized piece of art. Art is one of our most favorite design tools to capture a client's personality and taste in a most unique way. This awesome trend says go big or go home!


Source: Image via The Decorista


Source: photography via thisisglamorous.com

We definitely have some favorites out of these Pinterest predictions. What are some of your faves?