You've Got This..........Literally

So you want to do some freshening up in your home but your budget is putting the brakes on? Many of us find ourselves waiting until we can do a complete overhaul. But just because you can’t go out and replace everything at once doesn’t mean you can’t beautify and love the space you are in right now. Here are some ideas to help you get creative and barely touch that wallet of yours.....


1. You probably already own plenty to work with. Sometimes just taking all of your photos and art down and starting with a blank canvas can be enough to get the juices flowing. Maybe you are just tired of that artwork because of the piece of furniture it’s next to. With some creativity and outside the box thinking you can completely reimagine your space with pieces you currently own.


Source: Design by Robert Young Photographed by Tim Beddow


2. Don’t underestimate the power of paint. For very little funds and a little bit of elbow grease you can transform your room with the power of color. If you want to try a gallery wall and want your frames to be cohesive - a little bit of spray paint on what you already own and you can get the exact look you are going for. Even adding a pop of color on an accent wall or creating a statement ceiling with paint can completely revamp your existing furniture, and then you realize you didn’t need to replace Aunt Bertha’s antique coffee table after all. 


Source: Design by J. Randall Powers Article by Elle Decor

3. Trendy accessories don’t need to break the bank. If you are wanting to bring in some trendy, modern pieces, utilize TJ Maxx, Target, At Home etc. Trendy is exactly that....a trend and not something you need to drop your hard earned cash on. Save up for your large furniture, rugs— those pieces are where you ‘get what you pay for’ and it’s not a bad idea to upgrade. 


Agate bookends from West Elm

4. Throw pillows and textiles. Updating the sofa you are ready to get rid of can be as simple as picking up some inexpensive throw pillows or blankets. Especially if your sofa is neutral- a new pattern or texture can completely revitalize it and save you some serious moolah.


Source: Horchow

5. Donate, declutter and throw it away. Sometimes just cleaning out clutter and getting rid of pieces that you don’t like or don’t feel like they represent your style anymore can make a space feel fresh and light. 

IMG_6201 (1).PNG

6. Upcycle. Maybe you have a beautiful sideboard but have nowhere to put it or it doesn't go with existing furniture- try using it in your kitchen as part of your sink and countertop or in your bathroom for storage. These pieces can really elevate your home to have a well designed, custom feel.


Source: Design Sponge

If you are anything like us, we find ourselves getting that familiar itch to rearrange or redo every couple of months and utilizing pieces you already own can make it a fun, creative process. Have y’all done any New Year sprucing up projects?