Let's talk about tile ba-by

Lets talk about you and me......I could go on and on. So for the longest time - wallpaper has been one of our most favorite 'jewelry pieces' to add to a room; all the colors and textures, whether loud and bold or soft and serene bring their own kind of magic to a space. But lately......some of these tile choices are giving wallpaper a run for its money. Check out some of these beautiful additions that can spark a unique look all its own in your home.


Source: Design by @oldseagrovehomes Tile- Eveningstar Marble from Tile Bar

This gorgeous, soothing blue and white tile is anything but boring. The tile brings the perfect amount of color to this timeless white kitchen. Maybe, just maybe in a kitchen like this I could develop a love and passion for cooking.....a girl can dream.


Source: New Ravenna

This Chinoiserie motif tile has left us speechless. The detail on this mosaic wall is spectacular and unlike anything we have ever seen. New Ravenna uses over twenty colors of glass and 24-karat gold glass to create this beauty. And the good news, this motif is fully customizable to suit any vertical space, so you aren't limited to a small room or wall. 


Source: Joie Mosaic in Calacatta and 24-karat gold glass by New Ravenna

One of us over here at E35 loves anything shiny......who are we kidding? We both love anything shiny, and all that glitters is gold. This tile combination is the perfect amount of texture, shimmer and neutral all rolled into one. This would be incredible no matter the room you choose and a timeless addition to any space.


Source: Vezoul mosiac tile by Mosaic House 

We cannot get enough of this bold, Moroccan mosaic tile. The brass fixtures are the most perfect compliment to these gorgeous colors! Green and blue for the win!


Source: Lancaster Bianco ceramic subway tile by Tile Bar; Room Design by Holly Audrey Williams

Where to start.......this bathroom has so many beautiful elements from the statement ceilings to the statement flooring to the wallpaper. The flooring tile doesn't compete with the other details in the room but rather only enhances the rest of the design. The white subway tile anchors all the other design features perfectly. Lesson here-- don't be afraid of multiple dynamic patterns, textures and colors, if you love it chances are its going to work together.


Source: Custom Maharaja with Djinn inserts by New Ravenna; Design by Genevieve Gorder for Blackman Plumbing

First of all, I would live in this bathroom......I would never leave. Everything from the color palette to the design is out of this world! This little bathroom packs some serious punch and has us dreaming of all the possibiites tile can be.


Source: Tamara Waterjet Mosaic Pattern by New Ravenna; Design by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts as featured in Architectural Digest

This classic black and white beauty is the epitome of elegance. It offers its own unique take on the traditional black and white checkerboard (which we are definite fans of.) We just love this traditonal design with an unexpected twist.


Source: Design by Kati Curtis Design; All mosaic tiles from Mosaic House

If you love tile as much as we do then this is the room of your dreams. All walls, benches, and floor are covered in a gorgeous variety of traditional patterns. Stepping into this luxurious bath would be like stepping into a piece of art. Just too beautiful for words!

We are beginning to think we need a bigger house just to accomodate our love for all these different styles. So what rooms 'speak' to you? Which do you like, love, or just think 'no way?'